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  • Aquatic Billboard

    The digital billboard is bringing the most innovative form of digital advertising right to the shores of Miami Beach. With a combination of mobility, technology, and creativity, a new platform is now available that disrupts the out of home (OOH) advertising industry. Catch the wave right from the start!

    Media format Digital Billboard
    Market Miami
    Impressions per 4 weeks period 3,000,000
  • Double Decker

    Double Decker Spectaculars allow the advertiser to reach high profile locations and tourist attractions in the top markets. This mobile, large format advertising is located directly at eye level for greater impact.

    Media format Double Decker Bus
    • Downtown / Brickell
    • Miami Beach
    • South Beach
    • Midtown / Wynwood / Design District + Coral Gables
    • Downtown / Brickell
    Impressions per 4 weeks period 6,000,000
  • Taxis

    Miami’s taxi advertising is an opportunity to dominate on a street level, one of the strongest retail markets in the country. LED-Backlighting technology creates a powerful, attention grabbing look.

    Media format Taxi Tops
    • Miami
    • Orlando
    Impressions per 4 weeks period 125,000
  • Ad screens

    Display your latest commercials and offers or simply focus on visuals that effectively communicate your brand. Either way, you are certain to attract more attention.

    Media format Ads Screens
    • Miami: South Beach & Downtown
    • Westland Mall
    • Presidente Supermarket
    Impressions per 4 weeks period 650,000
  • Phone Kiosk

    The over 300 kiosks and out- doors constant presence delivers your selling message consistently 24 hours a day.

    Kiosks provide eye-level impact and point of purchase capabilities. We ensure increased visibility at high impact urban retail areas, as well as major intersections. Our in-house Phone Kiosk inventory control system gives us the ability to customize programs and target specific audiences.

    Media format Phone Kiosk
    Market Miami
    Impressions per 4 weeks period 26,000 per Kiosk
  • Digital Kiosk

    These beautifully designed, sleek kiosks provide wayfinding, dining and entertainment guides as well as security cameras and emergency broadcast features.

    Media format Digital Kiosk
    Market City Place Doral
    Impressions per 4 weeks period 270,460
  • Tower Kiosk

    Solar powered backlist kiosk located in the heart of Midtown Miami and adjacent to the Design District target the thousands of residents and visitors checking out what has become Miami’s “favorite neighborhood”.

    • 3 panels per tower
    • Bright led backlit
    • Solar-Powered
    • Huge 13’ towers
    Media format Tower Kiosk
    Market Midtown Miami
    Impressions per 4 weeks period 263,000
  • Midtown Walkaway

    Branded walkway with 8 high impact back lit panels. This walkway is the main thoroughfare connecting the eateries on restaurant row, fountains britto park, and the retail shopping district of Midtown.

    Media format Midtown Walkaway
    Market Midtown Miami
    Impressions per 4 weeks period 263,000
  • Digital Bulletin

    Miami’s hottest new entertainment destination comes alive with this digital spectacular as it looms over the neighborhood’s 40 bars, restaurants, shops as well as luxury condos and class A office space.

    Media format Digital Bulletin
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